A Review for Trello and Asana

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Most businesses have been using financial tools to track the workflow of employees. Trello and Asana are the best online collaboration tools that you need to consider for your business. This write–up is going to help you with understanding the benefits of each and the difference between the two. Individuals who are working on many projects can use these tools to track their progress. We are going to have a look at the usability of the features of these apps. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Picking the right tool is quite difficult. . You can compare Asana and Trello applications and their key features by reading the available reviews. You should pick the one which is good for your team.


This is one of the essential tasks management applications that help people in organizing their projects. Trello is an app that has made collaboration easier than ever before. People can use it to collaborate with their team members. It is designed to use the Kanban System. This system was developed by the Toyota Company to assist in keeping the production levels high. Trello literally means a signboard or billboard. It is a whiteboard that has is filled with sticky notes. Its users believe that it is much better than Astana. Trello is a free, visual and flexible way of organizing things. You can use this app to accomplish your tasks. These sticky notes represent certain tasks. It has limited options when it comes to assigning tasks- you can add someone to board, create alerts and tag cards


A card is one of the essential and crucial parts of this app. This represents certain parts of the projects such as a bag, specific blog post or a new feature. You can use it to attach images, files, add checklist .e.t.c
Board-This is the ongoing project or process like content promotion or creation.
List-This is a way of dividing the board into different categories. It is used to represent the different stages of a process.


  • Android and iPhone app
  • Has a smart layout and simple instructions
  • It is free
  • Real-time collaboration
  • It is helpful in backing data
  • It can be used with unlimited cards


  • Lack of adequate husky stickers
  • It does not have an exporting option
  • Many card and columns can mess it


This is a popular task management app that was developed by Justin and Dustin Moskovitz. Initially, it was used to manage the internal coordination of the company. It was released in 2011 but has become very popular. Asana is and basic app that is helpful in managing projects and tasks.

Its Key Features

Tasks– These are the things that you want to complete or remember. With this app, tasks are organized into three groups: later, upcoming, and today.
Sections– Projects are grouped into several tasks. Tasks should be divided in various ways. The most popular sections are status and tracking reports.
Workspaces, Team, and Organizations– These are the primary divisions inside Astana. Organizations are meant for people who use the company emails. Organizations are broken down into teams workspa

ces are intended for people who use their email addresses.



  • iOS and Android app
  • Credit cards are not required
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Elaborate management features
  • Has an efficient system of following tasks


The learning process can be a slowed down by overwhelming features
It does not have an integrated personal view
You can only assign task/stories or story to one member