Common DLL Errors and Ways to Fix Them

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DLL is an abbreviation for Dynamic Link Library, a file containing instructions for specific programs to run flawlessly. And operating system updates are supposed to address any DLL issues. However, errors are not uncommon.

We use our computer for various tasks. For those who use computers for visual design, some programs such as Visual Studio, Corel Draw, and Adobe are reported to have issues with DLL errors. They are most likely to happen if you are trying to run the old versions. Another scenario of the problem is when you are executing a cracked version of a program. The installation has either replaced or corrupted the existing DLL files. In any way, knowing how to fix DLL errors is important.

D3dx9_43.dll Not Found

a download iconPrograms with high-quality graphics often get this error message. Some games and video editing programs need to use specific DLL files that fit with their versions. And the source of this problem can be in the DirectX, or video driver.

First, you have to check if your DirectX is up-to-date. You can open the directory files and see if the required data exists. If it is not there, you can download it on DLL download sites. But be careful to be selective in clicking on the download button because some are just dummies leading to a fake address.

Second, update your video driver. If you do not get the update notification automatically, you should check it manually from the control panel. Make sure you update the driver from the official program, or you will be vulnerable to malware downloads.

Mfc120u.dll or MSVCP120.dll Error

These errors occur because somehow the files are unintentionally misplaced or erased. During installation, a program can alter the Visual C++ Runtime default setups. Therefore, you can suspect the new software you have just installed if you get the error messages.

To fix the error, you have to acquire the necessary files first. There are many DLL download services on the Internet. But you can also try to update the Visual C++ in your computer’s operating system (OS) first. Sometimes, Windows can detect the trouble and fix it immediately.

However, if the issue persists, you should locate where the file is needed. Go to that folder and copy-and-paste the mfc120u.dll. If an overwrite pop-up appears, you should accept it because the existing one may have been corrupted. You can also try to put the file into the Windows’s registry from the command prompt regsvr32 in case you have done everything, but the system still perceives an error.

COMMON.dll Missing/Not Found

a missing pieceCOMMON.dll error often appears during a computer or program startup. It is a part of the Windows’ OS, and thus you may not notice it unless you launch a problematic task (printing a document or a program installation). This error may also appear as MSDN Disc 2434.9 error.

To install this registry, you can do the same steps as in the first and second sections of this article. However, you may be required to clear the existing registry first because the stored virtual data may interrupt the new one. Getting your OS updated is also one way to prevent any DLL errors int he future.