Major Classifications of Vape Mods

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Technological advancements have paved the way for superior vaping equipment. Vape mods are the face of superior vaping experience thanks to the many features offered by these vape pens. With the vast variety of vape mod brands, choosing one can be tricky. That said, buying a vape mod can be a daunting task. Worry not as this write-up highlights the dominant type of vape mods and main differentiating features.

Major categories of vape mods

Regulated Mods

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There are two main categories of vape mods, and regulated vape mods feature prominently. Regulated vape mods feature a vaporizer with a thin microchip. A microchip serves several functions. To start with, the tiny chip in this device allows the device to house a LED screen, which helps to display information. Moreover, it enables users to enjoy a wide variety of features such as bypass mode, temperature control, and variable wattage among others.

Regulated vape mods are considered to be one of the safest vape pens on the market. This vape mode has several features that make it safe for vaping purposes. To mention a few, they include, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, over current production, and over discharge protection.

Unregulated Vape Mods

These device mods are also called mechanical mods. They are a little bit complicated to use. Therefore, they are more appropriate for expert vapers and for people who are well versed with battery safety issues. The major difference between these vape mods and the regulated variety is the difference in battery capabilities.

A regulated model allows you to vape at a constant temperature. On the other hand, the vaping temperatures of unregulated models differ during the vaping session. Another distinguishing feature of this user is that it lacks a chipset and it has no features that facilitate user safety.

Rectangular vs. Cylindrical Mods

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Cylindrical vape mods are called the pen type. On the other hand, the rectangular/square mods are referred to as the box type. These two varieties have distinct features, advantages, and drawbacks. Thus, you need to have a specific objective when buying a vape mod. For instance, the cylindrical pen types are appropriate if you are trying to quit smoking. On the other hand, Box models should be your choice if you want to want to quick tobacco use. That said, it is advisable to define purpose before going to the market.

These are some broad categories of vape mods. Depending on your need and preference, you can opt to buy one or more from either of these categories.