Tips for Speeding up your Computer


If your computer becomes slower than the old steam engines then you know it is time to takes the matter into your hands to speed it up. Whereas there are various tools which claim to boost the speed of a computer, the best slow computer fix normally lies within the operating system. The following are quick tips for speeding up your computer and boosting its performance.

Partition the hard drive


If the computer runs on one drive, then you need to partition it. The control panel’s administrative tools will provide you all you need to partition the hard drive. Select computer management, storage, and disk management. Right-click on the existing drive and click shrink volume. You will then be prompted to specify the amount of space by which you want to shrink the drive. After shrinking the drive, you get to see unallocated free space available. Right-click on the free space to create new partitions out of these spaces. After partitioning move all files between the documents and desktop folders. Windows loads the files in these folders whenever you start up, and this drains the resources.

Clear old programs

Clicking some buttons on the installation wizard then adding programs to existing repertoire on the computer is easy. But every program which is added to the list may play a role in slowing down the computer. Even if you do not use them actively, some of the programs tend to run background processes which can drain your machine resources greatly. Uninstalling such programs is the first tip for speed fixing your machine and can be done by spring cleaning in the control panel.

Do disk cleanup

This is rather is a simple task but is usually overlooked. As you use the machine, there are often some redundant, temporary files which are backed up. Disk cleanup will clean up such files and improve the performance of the machine. The disk cleanup utility for Windows is found by clicking start, then programs, then accessories, system tools. Choose the drive which you want to clean up, and windows will take care of the rest.

Defragment the computer

The option of defragmenting computer is found in the same place as disk cleanup. Defragmenting implies that you are managing the computer space better thus improving its performance. Over time when you install and uninstall programs, add or delete files from the machine, there are little pockets of space that windows need to travel before getting the files you want to open. Defragmenting reorganizes your existing programs and files free up pockets of space and re-maps file and program indices for improved performance.

Turn off start-up programs

computerprogramPrograms which are set to start up whenever the computer loads significantly extend the time it takes for the machine to start, and cause a lot of processes to run in the background. If you do not need programs to start along with the machine, you can disable them. Click start, then run and type misconfig. You will get the system configuration window that gives you options to disable programs during start-up. Deselect all the unnecessary and leave only the antivirus.